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Since 1980, Data Sync Engineering has been developing specialized test equipment, interface adapters and software products. Some of our known products include the VGA-Plus Monitor Tester, Serial Mini Printer, Vinyl & CD Jukebox Kits, Wallbox Adapters, and the Universal Cross-Assembler.

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MP3 Conversion Kits for Jukeboxes
Our popular MP3 Hard Disk or Compact Flash Player for Vinyl and CD jukeboxes. Conversion kits for Rowe/AMI, Seeburg, Pioneer, NSM, Wurlitzer and more to come. Don't have the space for a jukebox ? No problem, we have jukebox kits for digital wallboxes. Check it out !!!
Upgrade your Rowe/AMI vinyl or vinyl/combo jukebox to CD. Any jukebox that uses the 6-08870-xx / 4-07773-xx Central Control Computer or the 4-07221-xx Mechanism Control unit can be converted. This includes models R-84 through R-94. Interfaces to any 50 to 400 disc Sony CD Mega-Changer with an S-Link/Control-A1 interface

Jukebox Wallbox Adapters
Remember the days when all diners had jukebox wallboxes, you put in your quarter and selected some tunes ? Well, most of them are gone now, collecting dust in dark places. But, not for long, our new adapters allow you to connect to a CD changer, MP3 player or PC. It's the rockin 50's and 60's all over again.
Our most versatile Computer Monitor Tester ... Color screens , color bars, scan rates to 64 KHz plus, sequencing, for burn-in testing.

16 selectable display patterns at 1024 x 768. A valuable tool for video projector setups.
23 selectable display patterns at 1024 x 768. Has 9-Volt battery holder. A valuable tool for video projector setups.

Microchip PIC Prototyping
Prototyping boards, general purpose micro circuits and custom chips.
The Cross-32 Meta-Assembler is a table based macro cross-assembler that compiles programs for numerous 8/16/32 bit processor types. New tables can be easily created for future processors. Available for MS/DOS® or Windows®. Free demo. New Low Price $99 (Print your own User Manual from CDROM)

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